With respect to the environment and love the quality and tradition of women’s cooperatives produce homemade sweets jams and liqueurs with quality products in the Greek world without preservatives with natural fragrances, based on the recipes of our grandmothers.

The gifted Greek land coupled with the bright sunlight gives us variety and abundance of fruit with strong flavor and aroma.

Our products:

• Sweets certified with ISO 22000
• Jams certified with ISO 22000
• Liqueur


The sweets are available in glass bottles:

• 250 gr.
• 500 gr.

Species of sweets:

• Aborigines
• Apricot
• Bergamot
• Bitter Orange
• Carrot
• Cherry
• Citrus
• Firiki (small apple)
• Grapefruit
• Kalamata Olives
• Lemon
• Naki
• Orange
• Orange peel
• Pear
• Plum
• Pumpkin
• Quince
• Strawberry
• Tangerine
• Tomatoes
• Walnut



  • Capers with gold thread from Syros

This innovative product as food and dessert, the "Capers with gold thread from Syros" Edesmata Syrou, comes from the island of Syros a small island, which is famous as caper's country. Until now we have collected the small capers, dried them, then placed in salt and vinegar and at the end were strewn on salad. Now we have discovered an innovative product, a combination of sweet capers with edible gold or silver, which offers a special flavor to the Mediterranean gourmets and promises all its precious taste.

Our tips:

It is an ideal supplement to the salmon and refined excellent desserts, such as Panacotta, crepes, yellow cheese and vanilla ice cream.

In packaging of 106 ml - 212 ml - 314 ml
The Premium Package is also in present box with 3 or 6 pieces.

  • The Green Olives Dessert from Lesbos

The heavenly dessert, which was named in 2013 in Corpus Culinario Delikatessen Event in Bad Kissingen, 2nd place as "Product of the Year", and granded the gourmet medal in 2008 - 2009 in Greece by the Gourmet Magazine "Gastronomos", the "sweetness of the spoon" from green olives without core, an innovative delicacy, combinet perfect with desserts, like Panacotta, vanilla ice cream, yellow cheese and Greek yogurt, is prepared in a traditional manner of the women's cooperative of the island.

In packaging of 106 ml and 314 ml.

  • Honey leaves with sesame

Our honey leaves with sesame are Greek traditional cookies based on sesame and honey. It may also be called sesame seed candy and in Greek is called "pasteli".

  • Koum Kouat, the golden orange of Corfu

Golden orange translates to kam kwat in Chinese and that is the origin of the name of this strange tree, kumquat, which has been extensively cultivated on the island of Corfu since 1924.

The kumquat is a tree that belongs to citrus trees and does not exceed 2.5 meters in height. Its fruits ripen in December and turn orange from green, as is the case with other citrus fruits as well. That means that the most suitable period for picking extends from January to February. The fruit is smaller than a mandarin, has pips and is eaten along with the peel. As with all citrus fruits, it abounds in vitamins A and C. Its taste, however, is rather tangy and bittersweet, which is why it is rarely eaten raw.

It is however ideal for liqueurs, jams and fruit preserve in other words traditional Greek spoon sweets. This is the main reason why the largest part of the production is processed on the island of Corfu and a substantial number of products are exported to EU member states.

Kumquat is extensively cultivated on the island of Corfu and, in particular, in the northern part of the island.

  • Koum Kouat – liqueurs

The Koum Kouat of Corfu is a pleasant liqueur made from kumquat fruits, with an aroma and taste that resemble oranges and strawberries and is exclusively produced on the island of Corfu.

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