Olive Oil Soap

The History of Soap

The soap will surely reveal years of glorious history, culture and civilization.

The History of Soap is actually quite interesting.

The earliest known soap-like material has been around for about 6.500 years.

Thousands of years ago human beings were already using soap.

4.800 years B.C. the Sumerian produced a soap which was from potash and olive oils.

The Egyptians and Greeks (around 2.700 – 2.200 B.C.) used similar instructions to produce a soap and the Teutons and Gaul discovered the soap as "decorativ cosmetic".

Today soap serves for personal hygiene and is a natural protection for our skin against the effects of the sun and ultraviolet shaft of light.

The traditional Greek «Skopelos – Soap»

The traditional soap factory "Sporades in Skopelos island is producing since 1914 the handmade traditional olive oil soap using 100% extra virgin olive oil and lavender, mint or balsam.

100% Traditional handmade soap

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Natural cosmetic for the face and body

Packing in bars

also in display box of 4 pieces or 16 pieces

The traditional Greek «Faros - Soap»

The traditional soap factory «Faros - Soap» has been running since 1965.

During the years and with personal care, the owner started making Faros-Soap using the formula of his mother and grandmother. Elaborated according to an ancestral recipe the Greek Soap Faros consists exclusively of Olive Oil, Water and Sodium.

Packing in bars


Our soaps are a natural, handmade, antibacterial, traditional pure product from Olive Oil of external use, ideal for the whole family and especially for babies.

These soaps clean in depth, while respecting the most sensitive of skins.

Each skin is unique and requires special attention, the olive oil added serves as a good relief to exceptionally dry skin as it helps the skin maintain its natural moisture

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