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Type of Olive Oil: Sẏmbol

SymbolCharacteristics / Origin

Extra virgin olive oil from Kitsigiannis Estate.

Since 1856 Kitsigiannis family has produced exceptional extra virgin olive oils on their estate in West-Mani, southern Peloponnese, using traditional cultivating and hand-harvesting methods.

It is a Gourmet Greek Olive Oil, a 100% natural, fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Variety of 100% "Koroneiki".

Gold green color.

It is grown in Mani region in Peloponnese.

Light taste and gentle aroma with low acidity (0,3% - 0,5%).

Pleasant taste.

Suitable for all uses.

It is ideal for dipping, dressing salads and healthy cooking since it retains its nutritional values at high temperature.

• Harvest
Olive oil of the year 2014 - 2015

• Preparation
We harvest the olives by hand and take them to the olive press where we oversee the entire process to ensure quality at every step.

The Virgin Olive Oil "Sẏmbol" is also "first cold pressed" by a temperature of 27 degrees Celsius, meaning that the olive oil came the first press of the olives.

The word "cold" is important because if heat is used, the olive oil’s chemistry is changed.

• Color
The olive oil has a gold green color.

• Acidity
0,3% - 0,5%

• Preservation - Storage
We recommend storing the Olive Oil in a cool, dark environment. The bottles used are of a dark green color, so that penetration of lighting and ultraviolet’s radiations get difficult. The expiry date of Olive Oil is fixed at 24 months after its date of bottling.

• Packing
Bottle250 ml
Bottle500 ml
Bottle750 ml
Bottle1 L
Tin box 5 L

• Certification

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